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  1. Hi William, I’ve just finished reading this (out aloud to my wife). I found it a very unusual book, not only because the period and setting are unfamiliar to most of us, but because you present Winwæd’s actions and reflections to us in a very subjective way, often forcing us to full in the gaps that were perfectly obvious to him. I like the deep spirituality, faith and submissiveness we see in the hearts and lives of these humble monks. You also give us thought-provoking ideas about prayer and God’s sovereignty.
    I was particularly interested to read The Oblate’s Confession since I am writing a novel about a Roman bishop in the sixth century.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on “The Oblate’s Confession.” The fact that you decided to read the book aloud to your wife made me very happy. I would love to know how many times, over the course of writing the book, I read individual passages and even entire chapters aloud to my wife. Certainly, without Melissa, the book would never have happened. And you are writing a book yourself about a sixth century bishop! I should imagine that will be interesting indeed, though the research requirements must be daunting. Have you read Iain Pears’ “The Dream of Scipio”? Think you might like it.

      • Thanks for taking the trouble to respond, William. I was intrigued that you suggested I read Iain Pears’ “The Dream of Scipio”, as my young protagonist picks up a copy of Cicero’s “Somnium Scipionis” and wants to discuss it with his friend the bishop. I must read that book you mention.

        BTW: I notice your reviewers mention the slow pace of your book. I participate in a critique circle where we review each other’s works and I’m often told that not enough happens in my story. Their books are fast-paced fantasy thrillers, whereas I want to explore the inner life and struggles of a young pagan lad, and the new perspectives he gains through his friendship with his old bishop-mentor. The parallels with your book particularly interested me. I also write from a Christian perspective whereas the others in the group have a totally different view of spiritual and moral issues. The feedback from the other side of the fence is valuable, even if it’s sometimes hard to swallow.
        Cheers, Viktor

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